Great Dane Pub & Brewing Co.

Fortifying a legendary brew pub’s presence.

Project Overview

Increased competition. Shifting customer behaviors. Umm, the pandemic. To say the Great Dane faced a few challenges over the past several years is an understatement.

As Madison’s original brew pub – and one of the first in the U.S. – the Dane is nothing short of legendary. But, like all businesses, iconic or otherwise, it needed to evolve.

With a strong brand in place, our team worked on nearly every front, from digital marketing to public relations, to increase the Great Dane’s visibility and credibility in a time when the market has never been so crowded. To date, the Dane has grown its wholesale beer program, increased online orders and kept its doors open when others have had to close.

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A strong digital presence was lacking at a time when everything is online. We rebuilt, redesigned, and rewrote the Dane website with a focus on what makes it special: Its beer and food.

We needed to connect with customers in new, meaningful ways. From Dane Rewards to a layered content strategy, we reached new and existing customers across multiple channels.

We then took the wholesale beer program (ya know, canned beer) to the next level. With everything from can designs, targeted marketing and a proactive campaign calendar targeting distributors, we pushed the program to new heights.

The Result

The Dane has generated new channels of revenue, new customers and new ways of doing business. Those evolutions and proactive approaches have allowed it to fight off challenges that have taken other restaurants down over the past couple years.

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